Chartered Accountant Recruitment Specialist




Finding the right fit is important and so is working with a specialist recruiter.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment of Chartered Accountants.

We know your industry, and we have built solid long-term relationships with a range of Chartered Accountancy firms.

We can support you in a seamless transition to a new role.

Let us show you how we can professionally represent you to our clients.

Be matched with jobs that are right for you


Clarity about what roles to apply for

We ask the right questions so that we understand what you are looking for in your new Chartered Accountant role.

We have a range of available positions with reputable companies that have trusted us to find them the right person.


A range of firms to choose from

Many of the companies who list their vacancies with me I’ve known for years. 

I work with a range of firms from well-established traditional firms to new & innovative firms.

So there’s always a range to choose from.


Support throughout the recruitment process

When you team up with a specialist Chartered Accounting recruiter, you will be supported throughout the entire process.

We can prepare you for each interview with knowledge and information, because we know your industry.

Step into your new role with ease and confidence knowing that you have a Specialist Recruiter to represent you.

Kathy Glass

Kathy was educated at the University of Otago, and later went to Teachers College.

Kathy then travelled to Europe where she worked as a teacher in both UK and Switzerland.

Kathy decided on a career change, and on returning to New Zealand, she joined a large recruitment company. After several years Kathy started her own business whereby she specialised in the recruitment of Chartered Accountants.

Now with more than 20 years’ experience, not only does Kathy understand the industry, but she has solid longstanding relationships with many firms across New Zealand and in particular Auckland.

Kathy understands the stressors that come with trying to find a new role, while working full time. She is as fully invested as you are in getting things right, and can make your move easy and straightforward.

Talk to someone who has integrity, who knows the business, who will listen to you, and give you choices.

Find your next role as a Chartered Accountant


Send me an email or use the contact form. Have a discussion with a specialist who understands your industry.

Enquire today.


When we know what you are looking for, we can suggest opportunities from a range of CA firms.

How we can support you.


Have an expert assist you with preparation and knowledge so that you find your perfect fit.

Find your new role.

The recruitment process can be enjoyable when you team up with a Specialist.


  • We listen to what you want in your next role, and can offer you choices.
  • We not only know, but have also built strong relationships with many Chartered Accounting firms.
  • We will always represent you in a professional manner and with integrity.
  • We make sure you are prepared with what you need to know before interviews.
  • We support you throughout the process with feedback and advice.

We have specialised in successfully placing high calibre Accountants into Chartered Accounting practices since 2001.

We know our clients so we can offer you excellent insight into a range of CA firms.

We understand how hard it is to look for a new position while continuing to work for your current employer. Let us do the ground work for you and you will find that the process really can be enjoyable when you are well prepared and have a Specialist Recruiter to represent you.

I have worked with Kathy during the recruitment process. She made the entire process pain free with continuous updates, and advice ensuring communication at every stage. She was very personable and gave a great insight to the job. She followed up after each round of interviews and was genuinely interested. I would not hesitate to work with Kathy again and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking or wanting advice. 

I found Kathy to be very open, ethical and honest to work with.  I felt that I could trust her. Kathy had good information about the roles and was always professional in how she operated.  Kathy genuinely cared about helping me to choose the role and firm that were right for me at the time.  If I was looking for another role in CA then I would definitely contact Kathy.
Richard, CA

Kathy and I instantly connected.  I felt she took time to get to know me as a person, find out what I wanted in a job and then matched me to jobs that would tick all of my boxes as well as jobs that I would fit in with their team. She was very welcoming, easy to get along with and happy to answer any questions.  She was very caring and supportive whilst acting professionally at all times. She found the perfect placement for me which has exceeded my expectations and I am working in a fantastic team and back loving my work again.
Joan, ACA